If you’re looking for a unique experience, for something you won’t find in a travel book, then take a look at some of our recommendations! These places are mostly known by the locals and what they lack in visitors they make up in beauty.

Dvorac Opeka

The history of the Opeka Castle is almost 400 years old. The most famous owners from France, Bombelles family, renovated it about a hundred years ago and turned the previous one-story building into a real beauty. Back in the early 1970s, there are still reports of the solid walls and roofs of the building, and the fairytale castle of Opeka served as a movie set in the Italian film “Private Vices, Public Virtues”. Today’s ruined look of the castle lacks its past splendor, but consists of a lot of present mystique!

Grad labirinta

The small town in Međimurje, Badličan, halfway between Nedelišće and Štrigova, is a true oasis of the labyrinth! As many as 9 labyrinths have been set up on more than 8000 square meters of forest, each with a different effect. There are mazes of love, happiness, mind, body, power, feelings, energy, connection, wisdom and creativity, freedom, transformation and life and death. Whatever you think of it, walking in nature with the birds singing around you can be no bad thing and will in itself have a beneficial effect.

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